First Moscow State Medical University (MSMU)

The I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (MSMU) is the oldest and the largest national medical higher educational institution. For more than 240 years I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, has been playing the leading role in the development of medical science and training of medical and scientific personnel.

Today the academy is the major centre for training, certification and upgrading medical personnel and pharmacists. The academy is at the head of the academic - methodological association of Russian medical institutions.



The Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU)


The Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU) was established in 1906 is one of the oldest Russian medical schools, and one of the most prominent and respected in the country and worldwide. Professor Ivan F. Ognev (1855-1928), an outstanding Russian morphologist, was its first Dean. During its 94 year history, the Medical Faculty has made many changes as far as the contents of curriculum as well as it's teaching methods.

The Paediatric Faculty of the University was founded in 1930 and was the first paediatric faculty in the world. Whereas it's Bio-medical faculty was founded in 1963 due to rapid development in the field of molecular biology as well as man's exploration to space.



Moscow Aviation Institute

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Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) was founded in 1930 when institutions which specialized in aviation became advanced enough to join into one aircraft engineering education center. More than 130,000 students including 1,000 international students from 40 countries have graduated from MAI after its foundation in 1930. During the early 1930’s, MAI amounted to only 290 students in 2 schools.
But now at the beginning of the twenty first century, our university of aerospace technologies consists of more than 2,300 professors and lecturers including both 450 full-professors (DSc) and 1100 associate professors (PhD) who teach more than 20,000 undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students at 10 schools, 3 institutes, and 4 branches of the University.

Our university includes among its alumni about 100 general and chief designers, 43 members and associate members of the Russian academy of science, 250 State and Government Prize laureates, and 20 cosmonauts who spent a total of 12 years in outer space.

The present-day MAI is a unique institute of higher education where a thorough theoretical knowledge combines with various practical skills. More than 120 laboratories, 3 student design offices, numerous computer centers, an experimental-design factory, and an aerodrome are available for our students.

In 1993 Moscow Aviation Institute was given one more name: “State Technological University”.
Until the present, the development of Russian aeronautics and astronautics was based mostly on the activities of institute professors and alumnus.

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